Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

Do you have a desire to develop the next generation of young, talented leaders? If so, you're in good company... In this conversation, we focus on one element that is a priority for most halftimers -- mentoring.  After engaging with Halftime, Barbara Mulkey landed on the passion of pouring into upcoming values-based leaders.  She then connected this passion to a platform at her own alma mater, North Carolina State University. During the webinar, Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper are joined by Halftime Alumna, Barbara Mulkey to discuss her

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Spontaneous Compassion

Have you designed a roadmap? A roadmap is a game plan to form a vision for making the next season the best season -- It includes your long-term desires, personal mission statement, and a set of specific action plans to make a focused impact. But what do you do when something grabs your heart that isn't part of your roadmap strategy? When we encounter something devastating like a global crisis, family in need, or systemic injustice -- how do we know if it is a distraction or a redirection? During the webinar, Lloyd

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Becoming Chief Life Officer

Many of us have learned to manage our business, our finances, and our calendars with strategy and intention. But what could it look like to manage ourselves with the same focused approach? Peter Drucker wrote an article in Harvard Business Review way titled Managing Oneself.  He was pointing to a new life mastery as our society provides so many choices.   During the webinar, Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper are joined by Halftime Alum and Managing Partner of Chambers Interests, Pete Chambers, to explore the art of

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Syncing Your Calling With Your Calendar

Peter Drucker surprised us when he said:  "The most unhappy people I know are planners." Really? Didn’t Drucker dedicate his life to teaching management and planning principles? We often have a desire to do something, yet it isn't executed. Other times we work hard to execute our plans, but they simply don't roll out the way we intended... During the webinar, Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper are joined by Halftime Alum and Founder/CEO of DLP Capital, Don Wenner, who will show us how to fulfill our purpose while adapting to the twists

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Communicating Your Calling in a Contentious Culture

Once you're clear on your purpose and the context in which you can best live it out... How can you communicate your calling in a winsome way? It’s important to intentionally craft your second-half message with the key stakeholders in your life in mind: family, friends, colleagues, employees, and new team members. However, these audiences likely have very different views about what you are going to focus on in this next season... During the webinar, Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper discuss  a communication strategy with Halftime Alum and Founder of the Antioch Movement, Jimmy

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The Missing Piece For Finding Your Life Purpose

Do you like to wait? If you're anything like me, the answer is a resounding 'no'. However, waiting is often unavoidable and even beneficial... What if, instead of frustration, your waiting brought about transformation? Last month, we talked about the science of finding your purpose in life. In case you missed it, we covered four common steps to get unstuck and build momentum: Explore Learn Assess Share This month, we will explore how patience and waiting are actually part of God’s plan in helping you find your purpose in life.  During the

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How to Find Your Purpose

Many people struggle to find and live out their purpose and passion. This is particularly true of people who have been successful in their career. When they dream about what's next, the surplus of options can feel overwhelming. Can you relate? At Halftime, we've studied the science of finding your passion. But more importantly, thousands of talented leaders like you have navigated through this process with our Global Team of coaches by their side. During this webinar, Halftime Alumni Cheryl Hunter, Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper

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Four Key Elements of a Halftime Refresh

After discovering your Ephesians 2:10 Calling, life often gets in the way... No matter how much or how little time has passed since you've identified your personal mission, it can be easy to drift off course.  What would it look like to refresh your personal mission? What are new best practices that you can be taking advantage of on your journey?  Lloyd and Doug were joined by fellow HT Alum, Robert Barker, President of the Bob Barker Company that provides corrections and detention facilities, mental health centers, and homeless shelters with the supplies

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Parenting as an Empty Nester

Our lives have many seasons of transition, but after you shift into halftime, perhaps one of the most important transitions involves your role within your family. What is our role when our kids are no longer living at home, and yet we still want to help the family thrive? Intuitively, we sense that our role is transitioning from coach to consultant, but what do we stop doing? And what should we prepare to start doing? Lloyd and Doug will be joined by fellow HT Alum,

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A Case for Gospel-Centered Entrepreneurial Leadership

Many Halftime Alumni are entrepreneurs.  The thought of joining a nonprofit could sound suffocating, and not a sustainable culture fit for them. So they lean into their entrepreneurial skills to launch or build a new for-profit company – where there is freedom to run fast and free.  There is another alternative, which often is much more fulfilling... Starting or taking the helm of a social enterprise that is self-supporting, runs on business principles, and produces profound transformation in the lives of others may be the

A Case for Gospel-Centered Entrepreneurial Leadership2022-03-24T14:11:23-05:00
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