Finding Your Mission Field (Is It In Your Career Field?): HT Alum LeAnn’s Live Interview

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How do you live out a desire to serve those in need with the demands of a high-powered career? It isn't easy, and it looks different for every person. Dr. LeAnn Kridelbaugh made

4 Warning Signs You Need to Detox from the Rat Race (And Where to Start)

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“I feel trapped. And you know I can’t talk to anyone else about this, Rod” he said to me. “I can’t afford to show weakness. It could cost too much with the people I’m leading.”

Tragedy to Transformation: Interview with John Ramstead, HT Alum

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John Ramstead’s first half experiences were diverse and adventurous, but nothing compared to what he encountered in mid-life. Imagine this: John started out in the United States Navy where he served as a

Preventing Burnout & Making A Profound Impact in Your Second Half: Alum Lisa Payne Shares Her Journey

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“We build our careers in isolation. I was a CFO and I did it on my own. But in your second half community becomes much more important. There’s such an instant connection when you say

Do You Ask This Persistent and Haunting Question?

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by Halftime Fellows Alum, Griff Jones   It’s easy to keep moving forward, isn’t it? But I have learned that sometimes it’s best to stop, press the pause button, rethink, and get intentional about why